Monday, April 12, 2010

Acid Drinkers - Are You A Rebel? - Vinyl album of Polish thrash metal on Under One Flag Records

Acid Drinkers band was founded on 21 September 1986 at the initiative of Tomasz "Titus" Pukacki (vocals, bass) and Robert "Litza" Friedrich (guitar, vocals). The lineup soon expanded as Darek "Popcorn" Popowicz (lead guitar) and a drummer Piotr "Chomik" Kulk (shortly after replaced by Maciej "Ślimak" Starosta) joined the band. With this lineup the band worked on its own compositions; numbers like "Barmy Army", "Del Rocca" or "I Mean Acid" appeared. Within a month of the band's creation Titus was called up to the army and left his pals for two years. Others, in the meantime, did not intend to idle their time away: Litza and Popcorn undertook a reactivation of the band named Slavoy. Soon both of them received a proposal to play for reputable groups: Popcorn from Wolf Spider, Litza from Turbo.

After returning from the army, Titus tried to reactivate his first squad - Los Desperados. His attempts misfired and Titus himself, after meeting with Popcorn, decided to resume existence of Acid Drinkers. Litza and Ślimak joined the band. Their debut took place on 26th August 1989 on Wyspa Słodowa in Wrocław. That performance was actually the beginning of the band's true career. Rumors about a new, excellent metal group swiftly spread across Poland. Soon afterwards the Acids received an opportunity to record an album and continue walking along their path of glory. With this lineup there emerged their best-known classics, including their debut, "Are You A Rebel?", "Vile Vicious Vision" and their most famous long-play, "Infernal Connection". At the end of 1998, Litza decided to leave the band. Przemysław "Perła" Wejmann, a singing guitarist and a leader of Guess Why, replaced him. With "Perła" on board, Acids recorded three albums "Amazing Atomic Activity", "Broken Head" and "Acidofilia". At the very beginning of 2003, Perła made up his mind to leave the squad. It took almost a month before the new guitarist was chosen. The new member turned out to be a well-known frontman of an already disbanded group - Illusion - Tomek "Lipa" Lipnicki. Together with Lipa, the Acids recorded a well-received long-play, "Rock Is Not Enough". After over a year of cooperation, the new guitarist left Acid Drinkers for his own project, Lipali. His place in the squad was taken over by Aleksander "Olass" Mendyk from "None". The new member of Acid's crew quickly integrated himself into the band, in which he still plays. At present Acid Drinkers play numerous concerts and plan to record a new album.

To date, Acid Drinkers are widely considered the best and most spectacular thrash-metal band in Poland. Their popularity has gone far beyond typical metal music sphere. The Acids have played over 500 shows, and many of those will surely stay in minds of thousands of fans – it would be enough to mention Jarocin festivals, Metalmania, Węgorzewo, Przystanek Woodstock or Odjazdy. The Acids performed there as foreground celebrities. They preceded performances in Poland by, among others, Deep Purple, Megadeth, Bruce Dickinson, Sepultura, Paradise Lost and Slayer. Moreover, many known polish artists such as: Edyta Bartosiewicz, Kazik Staszewski, Tomek Lipnicki, Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz or Grzegorz Skawiński took part in Acids’ recordings. Acid Drinkers were three times (on 1998, 2000, 2004) awarded with a Fryderyk in the hard and heavy category, and received in 1998 from TVP 2 the "Złoty bączek" (Golden spinning top) award for being the best music group from Poland. Additionally, they were acknowledged as one of the five best polish bands of the 1990s (together with Hey, Kazik Staszewski, Edyta Bartosiewicz and O.N.A.) by journalists and readers of Tylko Rock (Only Rock) magazine.

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