Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jeanie Stahl - All Grown Up - Vinyl Album

Marblehead, Massachusetts-based songstress Jeanie Stahl was on the crest of a promising solo career, in 1983, when a tragic wind surfing accident prevented her from performing for two years. Although she had just released her debut solo album, I'm Just Fooling Myself, Stahl was left healing her wounds as the album went largely un-promoted. While Stahl subsequently resumed her career, much of the momentum was lost.

Stahl first attracted attention in a duo that she shared, in the late-1970s and early-80s, with multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Mason Daring. Besides collaborating on two albums -- Sweet Melodies In The Night, Heartbreak and The Early Years -- Stahl and Daring recorded Daring's soundtracks for several John Sayles-directed films. The Early Years, released in 1992, samples tracks from their two albums and movie soundtracks. In addition to performing frequently at New England folk music clubs and coffeehouses, the duo periodically joined with Bill Staines, Guy Van Duser and Billy Novick in the folk super-group, The Passim All-Stars.

With the increase demand for Daring's time as a producer and soundtrack composer, Stahl began to perform as a soloist in the early-1980s. Although she's turned the songs of such songwriters as Gordon Lightfoot, Robin Batteau and Randy Newman into heartfelt experiences, Stahl remains as effective singing jazz standards from the 1930s and '40s.

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Doug MacLeod - No Road Back Home - Vinyl Album

Doug MacLeod, the four time W.C. Handy Nominee who has songs on two Grammy Nominated Albums, was born in New York City, spent his formative years in North Carolina, moved back to New York, and was in his teens when his family moved to St. Louis, where he first heard the blues. In the mid-60's he enlisted in the Navy, and while stationed at Norfolk, VA., began to play acoustic country blues in the coffeehouses in Virginia and Maryland. During this time he met the one-eyed Blues-man Ernest Banks who taught him not only the music of the blues, but the philosophy of the blues. Doug's quotes, 'Never Play a Note You Don't Believe' and "Never write or sing about what you don't know about.' came from those 'countrified teachings'. Following his service in the Navy, Doug attended school, played the blues guitar part in the show 'Grease', explored jazz, and toured with Mary MacGregor supporting her number one hit 'Torn Between Two Lovers'. After a meeting with Shakey Jake Harris in 1977, Doug returned to his roots and began playing the blues in the Los Angeles area.
Doug's reputation as a superb guitar player spread quickly as he played with such blues giants as Pee Wee Crayton, Lowell Fulson, Big Mama Thornton, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, and Big Joe Turner. Also in Los Angeles, he met the legendary George "Harmonica" Smith, who became not only one of his best friends, but also a mentor and major influence on his music and his life.

Unlike some other bluesmen now leading their own bands, guitarist and singer/songwriter Doug MacLeod spent many years as an apprentice before forming his own band. MacLeod has worked as a sideman for many different artists from the Los Angeles-area blues scene, including Big Joe Turner, Charles Brown, Pee Wee Crayton, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, and George "Harmonica" Smith. MacLeod was born in New York on April 21, 1946, and his parents moved to St. Louis shortly after his birth. He spent his teen years frequenting the blues clubs there, learning from people like Albert King, Little Milton, and Ike and Tina Turner. He took up the bass in his teens and played around St. Louis with local bands before enlisting in the Navy. MacLeod was stationed in Norfolk, VA, and spent his off-duty time playing in blues bars. He eventually settled in Los Angeles, accompanying many other blues performers before forming his own band. His songs have been recorded by Albert King, Albert Collins, and Son Seals. MacLeod's 1984 album, No Road Back Home, was nominated for a W.C. Handy Award in 1984 and has since been reissued on compact disc on the Hightone label. MacLeod has widely available albums on Audioquest -- Come to Find (1994), You Can't Take My Blues (1996), Unmarked Road (1997), and Whose Truth, Whose Lies? (2000). His first Audioquest disc features guest appearances by harmonica players Carey Bell and fiddle player Heather Hardy, while the second has a guest appearance by harp player George "Harmonica" Smith. MacLeod has also recorded for a variety of independent labels, including such albums as Woman in the Street, 54th and Vermont, and Ain't the Blues Evil. 2002 saw the release of MacLeod's A Little Sin, recorded in July of that year with producer/frequent collaborator Joe Harley.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

If you like the Screaming Trees, you gotta check out....

Screaming Trees was a musical group considered part of the grunge music movement of the early 1990s. Founded in Ellensburg, Washington in 1985, their sound was a mixture of arty '60s psychedelia and west-coast punk rock. Though highly regarded among critics, they never achieved the superstardom of other grunge acts such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam. They disbanded after touring for their last record, Dust, released in 1996.

Hell and its even on clear vinyl

The leaving trains blue vinyl 7 Inch

An indie-rock subversive who has been known to perform in dresses almost as much as his ex-wife Courtney Love, Falling James (Moreland) has led the Leaving Trains with a revolving lineup since the group formed in 1980. Originally in a Los Angeles punk band named the Mongrels during 1978-79, Falling James formed the Downers in 1980 (with David Roback, later of Mazzy Star, and John Hoffs, the brother of the Bangles sisters) and then the Leaving Trains later that year, with guitarist Manfred Hofer, bassist Tom Hofer, keyboard player Sylvia Juncosa and drummer Hillary Laddin. The band gigged around the area during the next three years, but included only the Hofer brothers by the time Leaving Trains debuted on vinyl with 1984's Well Down Blue Highway, on Bemisbrain/Enigma Records.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arthur Tracy - (The Street Singer) I Bring A Song - Vinyl album on Halcyon Records

Arthur Tracy (25 June 1899 - 5 October 1997) was an American vocalist, billed as The Street Singer. His performances in theatre, films and radio, along with his recordings, brought him international fame in the 1930s. Late evening radio listeners tuned in to hear announcer David Ross' introduction ("Round the corner and down your way comes The Street Singer") and Tracy's familiar theme song, "Marta, Rambling Rose of the Wildwood."

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AR Kanes - Remixes - Vinyl album experimental british pop on Rough Trade Records

A.R. Kane (or A R Kane or A.R.Kane) were an experimental 1980s and 1990s British dream pop band. Their name derived from the "A" in Alex (Ayuli) and the "R" in Rudi (Tambala), the band's core multi-instrumentalist duo. The duo hailed from the East side of London. Often surrealist and usually danceable, due to its strong dub influence, the band's music is seen as a seminal influence on genres such as dream pop, trip hop, acid house, and post-rock. Their lyrics frequently dealt with such topics as water/oceans, love, colors, childhood, and dreams.

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April Wine - Animal Grace - Vinyl album Canadian rock band on Capitol Records 1984

April Wine is a Canadian rock band formed in 1969. According to the band, they chose the name 'April Wine' simply because members thought the two words sounded good together. The band went on to release more than twenty albums and forge a live performance reputation that still sees them drawing devoted crowds across Canada and around the world thirty-nine years after taking their first steps into the hard rock spotlight.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Apology - Pass You By - Vinyl album producted by Vic Bondi of Articles Of Faith on Wishingwell Records 1988

Produced by Vic Bondi of Articles Of Faith and Jones Very
Features Mike Gitter on Vocals and Jeff Goddard of Jones Very on Bass

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Anson Funderburgh And The Rockets featuring Sam Miers - Rack'em Up - Vinyl album on Black Top / Demon Records

In recent years, Dallas-based guitarist Anson Funderburgh has taken his band the Rockets out of the clubs and onto the festival stages with his critically acclaimed recordings for the BlackTop label out of New Orleans. With Jackson, MS-native Sam Myers delivering the vocals and harmonica treatments, this band mixes up a powerful gumbo of Texas jump blues and Delta blues that can't be found anywhere else. Funderburgh and his Rockets are a particularly hard working band, performing across the U.S. and Europe nearly 300 nights a year.

Funderburgh was born November 15, 1954, and got hooked on the blues when he got his first guitar at age seven or eight. His first musical experiences happened in the clubs in Dallas. He developed his team approach to blues music while learning from the likes of Freddie King, Jimmy Reed and Albert Collins when these great bluesmen were passing through Dallas-area clubs, but Funderburgh had already taught himself guitar mostly from listening to classic blues records. He never had the chance to see Muddy Waters, but he did get to play with Lightnin' Hopkins in the late '70s. Funderburgh formed the Rockets in 1978, but didn't meet Sam Myers until 1982.

Funderburgh recorded with the Fabulous Thunderbirds on their Butt Rockin' album, and went solo in 1981, when the New Orleans-based BlackTop label released Talk to You by Hand, the label's first release. Funderburgh added Myers on harmonica and lead vocals in 1986. Myers had traveled for years on the chitlin circuit, where he had the chance to accompany people like Elmore James and Robert Junior Lockwood. Funderburgh admits that adding Myers on vocals and harmonica was a turning point for the Rockets, partly because of the image they project from the stage, a big towering Black man and three White guys backing him up. Funderburgh continued his association in the 90's with Black Top releasing Tell Me What I Want to Hear (91), Live at Grand Emporium (95), and That's What They Want (97). After releasing 9 albums on Black Top, in 1999 Funderburgh changed record labels with the release of Change in my Pocket for Bullseye Blues. At the beginning of the new millennium, Funderburgh is just coming into his prime by way of his songwriting talents, so his career deserves close watching in the coming years. The best is yet to come from this guitarist and bandleader.

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Anne Hills - Woman Of Calm Heart - Vinyl album on Flying Fish Records

Released in 1987, this album features, among others, Livingston Taylor (vocals on Akasha Wind); Cindy Mangsen, Rory Block, Ilene Weiss on background vocals; Scott Petito on bass and keyboards, and Artie Traum on guitar. Petito and Traum also produced the album.

As Annes touring schedule and prominence grew, Flying Fish Records added Hogeye Records to their growing catalog. Shortly after the release of her second solo recording Woman of a Calm Heart (produced in Woodstock by Artie Traum and Scott Petito, featuring a duet with Livingston Taylor), Anne began her occasional but very fruitful musical partnership with Cindy Mangsen and Priscilla Herdman. This culminated in the first trio recording Voices (1990, Flying Fish).

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ann Charters - A Joplin Bouqet / Scott Joplin Rags - Vinyl album on GNP Crescendo 1973

Piano. A late '50s, early '60s ragtime pianist who had brief notoriety thanks to good 1960 Folkways album Essay in Ragtime. Ann Charters executed difficult ragtime charts effectively and efficiently. She resurfaced with new recordings briefly in '70s.

Mellow yet cool

Angst - Mending Wall - Vinyl album on punk rock label SST Records

Angst was an American punk rock band from Denver, Colorado, formed in 1979. They played initially under the name The Instants. One of their early appearances on record was on the Alternative Tentacles compilation, Not So Quiet on the Western Front. After moving briefly to the United Kingdom, they settled in San Francisco, where they changed their name to Angst. Following this, the group released five full-length albums on the independent record label SST Records. The Angst song Just Me appears on the SST compilation, The Blasting Concept Vol. II.

A Great classic of punk rock history

Angst - Cry For Happy - Vinyl album on SST Records

The three gentlemen in the band called Angst had definitely done their rock & roll homework when they made this album, and they knew the elements that mix to make a great three-minute song. This mix of up-tempo pop with elements of country twang and punk energy has an innocence and enthusiasm that makes the album timeless. The bluesy organ work on the slow-burning cover of "Motherless Child" could have come from any Steppenwolf album, and there's a hint of Mersey in the harmonies of "Time to Understand." There are some clinkers among the stellar tracks, but even those are rather endearing; "My Dinner With Debbie" is a love song to a woman who is a good cook, and it sounds like it was written and recorded by a band who had missed several meals. Overall, Cry for Happy is a marvelous work of pop craftsmanship that has three or four pieces that should've been at least minor hits. Listen to the hook-laden perfection of "I Could Never Change Your Mind" or "Long Road" and listeners will find themselves wondering what the radio programmers were listening to that was half this good.

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Alvin "Red" Tyler - Graciously - Vinyl album on jazz label Rounder Records 1987

This was the second of two late-'80s straight jazz dates by Alvin "Red" Tyler, better known for his years toiling in the city's R&B studios. Tyler savored the opportunity to do more than play short bursts, demonstrating his expansive skills on the disc's eight cuts. While the soulfulness remained in his tone, Tyler proved he could handle hard bop chord changes, build and complete ideas and head a jazz combo. The cuts "Dreamsville," "Here's That Rainy Day" and "Like So Many Others" emphasized the jazz connection, but the R&B and blues base came through on "Cutie Pie" and "Count 'Em." This was nicely played, at times above-average, jazz from a celebrated veteran getting to show another side of his musical personality.

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Alter Natives - Group Therapy - Vinyl album on SST Records with members of Gwar

Originating in Richmond, VA and signed to an experimentally minded SST records in the late '80s, the Alter-Natives were a flute and sax led improv-esque quartet that received high marks for their instrumental brand of noise. Both 1986's Hold Your Tongue and 1988's Group Therapy were based around this set up, but 1989's Buzz scaled back the flute and sax for a more traditional set up, using the old favorites: drums, bass, and guitar. As a strange aside, the Alter-Natives also carried within their ranks an early member of cartoon metal crazies, GWAR. Drummer Jim Thompson played with the foam-padded pariahs until 1987 as Hans Sphincter (later changed to Hans Orifice).

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Alistair Anderson - Steel Skies - Vinyl album from Northumberland England on Flying Fish Records 1982

The music traditions of Northumberland, a small region in northeast England that borders Scotland, have been promoted by English concertina and smallpipe player Alistair Anderson. A founding member of the High Level Ranters, the group most associated with the revival of Northumberland music in the 1970s, Anderson has continued to explore the music of his homeland as a soloist.
Anderson and band perform recently composed tunes.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alan Rankine - The World Begins To Look Her Age - Vinyl album on Attitude Records 1986

Best known as the other half of Associates, Alan Rankine's musical career actually began in the mid-'70s as guitarist for Caspian, a cabaret band based in Scotland. During 1976, his band was looking for a new singer; during a performance by a band called Stan & Deliver, singer Billy Mackenzie's talents were brought to his attention. Rankine nabbed Mackenzie for Caspian, but the two eventually chucked the cabaret circuit to assault the U.K. pop charts as Associates.

After internal tensions busted the duo up in late 1982, Rankine traveled around the world and started lending his production skills to the likes of the Cocteau Twins, Pale Fountains, and Paul Haig. In 1986, Rankine signed on to the Belgian Crepuscule label as a solo act. While producing some of the label's artists, he also found time to record The World Begins to Look Her Age. The following year, Virgin released the wider distributed She Loves Me Not, another full-length that included a trio of songs from his debut. The Big Picture Sucks, a completely instrumental album, was issued by Crepuscule in 1989. An early-'90s reunion with Mackenzie never reached fruition due to failed label negotiations and the singer's restless creativity. Distancing himself from recording and production throughout the remainder of the '90s, Rankine became involved in lecturing on music at a college in Glasgow, in addition to writing songs for pop groups. Oddly enough, Rankine can be partially credited with the rise of Belle & Sebastian. Assigned to make a record as a project for one of his classes, the group submitted their legendary Tigermilk LP.

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Al Grey - Basic Grey - Vinyl double album featuring trombonist Al Grey on Chess Records

This double LP reissues two complete albums by trombonist Al Grey (The Elder and Bluish Grey and The Al Grey-Billy Mitchell Sextet), plus seven of the ten numbers on Snap Your Fingers. Originally released by the Cadet label, this music features the colorful trombonist (long a master of the plunger mute, but also able to play fast boppish lines) in septets and an octet with such notable sidemen as trumpeters Joe Newman, Henry Boozier, Dave Burns and Donald Byrd, trombonist Bennie Powell, tenorman Billy Mitchell, pianist Herbie Hancock and (on two of his first sessions) vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson. The repertoire alternates swing standards, blues, and more modern pieces. Since this music has yet to be reissued on CD, this two-fer is definitely worth picking up.

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Al Copley - Automatic Overdrive - Blues pianist and singer vinyl on Black Top Records

Blues pianist and singer Al Copley was born in 1952 in Buffalo, NY. Although his family moved several times while Copley was a youngster (first to San Francisco, CA, then Westerly, RI), he was able to take piano lessons on a regular basis. Inspired by the boogie-woogie style of playing, Copley formed his first band in 1965, Ponce de Leon & the Young Ones, before forming Roomful of Blues three years later. Copley spent the early '70s attending the Berklee School of Music in Boston, while still playing with Roomful of Blues. The group began issuing albums in the later part of the decade, as Copley could be heard on such releases as 1977's self-titled debut, 1979's Let's Have a Party, 1981's Hot Little Mama, and 1984's Dressed Up to Get Messed Up. But it was also in 1984 that Copley left the group to move to Europe. The move led to numerous appearances at jazz and blues festivals, as Copley embarked on a solo career later in the decade that resulted in such releases as 1986's A Handful of Key and 1989's Automatic Overdrive.

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Agitpop - Open Seasons - Art punk band on Twin Tone Records 1988

Agitpop is an art punk band from Poughkeepsie, New York. The band was formed in 1981 and began touring widely in 1983. They released four records on the Comm3, Twintone and Rough Trade labels. Its members include Mark LaFalce, John deVries and Rick Crescini. The band was a pioneer in the underground music community and known for their unusual song styles, instrumentation and lyrical content within the rock genre. The shows attracted many celebrated members of the New York arts scene including the Pop Art era photographer Billy Name.

The portmanteau Agitpop is derived from agitprop and is a conjugation of agitation pop, a now well defined label that describes how popular music asserts political ideas and views. The band members were enamored with the idea and the origins of the word from the Russian Revolution and used the repetition and philosophy of it within pop culture. Agitpop as a term can be applied to the name of the band itself, but also translates well into the character of the songs themselves.

Agitpops music has been often been described as a unique brand of fractured pop, derived from the dismantling of rock as we know it. At the time Agitpop was making their first records, the description worked as a default definition of the approach to music the band was taking. Keeping with description and adhering to the needs of the times to re define rock music, they were consequent and therefore no one else sounded like them. The live shows were a natural extension of the philosophy of the band. Agitpop's performances were very confrontational. They alienated the audience or drew them in.

In a review of one of the shows in the mid 1980s, Agitpops unique stylistic approach to rock music was described with the phrase Free your mind and your ass will follow. The review gesture followed them continually around throughout the bands existence. Whether they are put into the music categories of the times or not, they have had a strong influence on many younger bands having diverse styles due to their willingness in dismantling, or emancipating rock by boldly moving away from standard instrumentations and song styles into a resultant provocative amalgam with strong melodic hooks and poignant lyrics.

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Acid Drinkers - Are You A Rebel? - Vinyl album of Polish thrash metal on Under One Flag Records

Acid Drinkers band was founded on 21 September 1986 at the initiative of Tomasz "Titus" Pukacki (vocals, bass) and Robert "Litza" Friedrich (guitar, vocals). The lineup soon expanded as Darek "Popcorn" Popowicz (lead guitar) and a drummer Piotr "Chomik" Kulk (shortly after replaced by Maciej "Ślimak" Starosta) joined the band. With this lineup the band worked on its own compositions; numbers like "Barmy Army", "Del Rocca" or "I Mean Acid" appeared. Within a month of the band's creation Titus was called up to the army and left his pals for two years. Others, in the meantime, did not intend to idle their time away: Litza and Popcorn undertook a reactivation of the band named Slavoy. Soon both of them received a proposal to play for reputable groups: Popcorn from Wolf Spider, Litza from Turbo.

After returning from the army, Titus tried to reactivate his first squad - Los Desperados. His attempts misfired and Titus himself, after meeting with Popcorn, decided to resume existence of Acid Drinkers. Litza and Ślimak joined the band. Their debut took place on 26th August 1989 on Wyspa Słodowa in Wrocław. That performance was actually the beginning of the band's true career. Rumors about a new, excellent metal group swiftly spread across Poland. Soon afterwards the Acids received an opportunity to record an album and continue walking along their path of glory. With this lineup there emerged their best-known classics, including their debut, "Are You A Rebel?", "Vile Vicious Vision" and their most famous long-play, "Infernal Connection". At the end of 1998, Litza decided to leave the band. Przemysław "Perła" Wejmann, a singing guitarist and a leader of Guess Why, replaced him. With "Perła" on board, Acids recorded three albums "Amazing Atomic Activity", "Broken Head" and "Acidofilia". At the very beginning of 2003, Perła made up his mind to leave the squad. It took almost a month before the new guitarist was chosen. The new member turned out to be a well-known frontman of an already disbanded group - Illusion - Tomek "Lipa" Lipnicki. Together with Lipa, the Acids recorded a well-received long-play, "Rock Is Not Enough". After over a year of cooperation, the new guitarist left Acid Drinkers for his own project, Lipali. His place in the squad was taken over by Aleksander "Olass" Mendyk from "None". The new member of Acid's crew quickly integrated himself into the band, in which he still plays. At present Acid Drinkers play numerous concerts and plan to record a new album.

To date, Acid Drinkers are widely considered the best and most spectacular thrash-metal band in Poland. Their popularity has gone far beyond typical metal music sphere. The Acids have played over 500 shows, and many of those will surely stay in minds of thousands of fans – it would be enough to mention Jarocin festivals, Metalmania, Węgorzewo, Przystanek Woodstock or Odjazdy. The Acids performed there as foreground celebrities. They preceded performances in Poland by, among others, Deep Purple, Megadeth, Bruce Dickinson, Sepultura, Paradise Lost and Slayer. Moreover, many known polish artists such as: Edyta Bartosiewicz, Kazik Staszewski, Tomek Lipnicki, Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz or Grzegorz Skawiński took part in Acids’ recordings. Acid Drinkers were three times (on 1998, 2000, 2004) awarded with a Fryderyk in the hard and heavy category, and received in 1998 from TVP 2 the "Złoty bączek" (Golden spinning top) award for being the best music group from Poland. Additionally, they were acknowledged as one of the five best polish bands of the 1990s (together with Hey, Kazik Staszewski, Edyta Bartosiewicz and O.N.A.) by journalists and readers of Tylko Rock (Only Rock) magazine.

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Ace Freeley - Freeley's Comet - Vinyl album featuring Kiss guitarist on Atlantic Records 1987

In 1978, all four members of Kiss released solo albums simultaneously. Consensus among fans held that guitarist Ace Frehley's album was the most impressive of the four. Solo ambitions were what prompted Frehley to leave Kiss in the early '80s, but a serious car crash and recurring problems with drugs and drink postponed the release of 1987's FREHLEY'S COMET for a number of years. Joining Frehley in his new band were session bassist John Regan, Cheap Trick touring sideman Tod Howarth (guitar/vocals/keyboards), and drummer Anton Fig (of David Letterman's house band). While FREHLEY'S COMET doesn't quite match up to Frehley's solo debut, it has proved to be his best post-Kiss solo outing. Like many other '70s rock artists who resurfaced in the '80s, Frehley tried to inject glossy pop into his metal instead of sticking with the straight-ahead raw rock of yore. Still, the album includes several highlights, such as the anthem ''Rock Soldiers'' (detailing Frehley's near-fatal car crash), ''Into the Night,'' ''Stranger in a Strange Land,'' and the album-closing instrumental ''Fractured.

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Ace Cannon - Tuff! - Vinyl album featuring premier Sun Records performers Billy Lee Riley and Brad Suggs on Hi Records 1988

One of Nashville's premier session men from the late '50s through the early '70s, alto saxophonist Ace Cannon began playing at the age of ten and signed with Sun Records during the early days of rock & roll. He performed with Billy Lee Riley and Brad Suggs but then in 1959 joined the original Bill Black Combo, recording for the Hi label. He stayed with the band until 1961, when he made his solo chart debut with the instrumental "Tuff," which made it to the country Top 20. This in turn was followed by a Top 40 hit, "Blues (Stay Away From Me)," and a minor hit for the Santos label, "Sugar Blues." He had two more hits in the mid-'60s with "Cotton Fields" and "Searchin'," both recorded for Hi. A decade later, he became the subject of the 1974 documentary film, Ace's High. After moving to Nashville in the mid-'70s, Cannon's version of "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" became a minor hit and was nominated for the Best Country Instrumental Performance Grammy that year. Cannon continued to perform into the '90s and frequently toured with such legends of early rock & roll as Carl Perkins.

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Ace - Time For Another - Vinyl album UK pub rock on Anchor Records 1975

The members were assembled from various other professional bands, and were all competent musicians. Carrack and Comer had previously played with Warm Dust, and King with Mighty Baby, whose antecedents were the 1960s band The Action. Ace were popular on the pub rock circuit. Their music was pop with a funk influence.

Before the recording of their debut album, Five-A-Sid, ex-Bees Make Honey drummer Fran Byrne replaced Witherington. The single "How Long?" (a song about one of the members leaving for another group) was taken from this record, and was a significant chart success, achieving a Top 20 place in the UK Singles Chart, and reaching number three in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Its bass introduction was similar to that of "Travelling Song" by Pentangle. Carrack's electric piano was also prominent on the recording. In addition, "How Long" is believed to have been an instrumental influence on Steely Dan as well as shaping the vocal styling of Boz Scaggs.

The band eventually moved to the United States, and replaced Phil Harris with Jon Woodhead in June 1976. They disbanded in July 1977, when most of the remaining members joined Frankie Miller's band.

Carrack has since played in Eric Clapton's band, played with Roxy Music for the Manifesto album and tour, joined Squeeze in the early 1980s, and later played with Mike + The Mechanics. He also re-recorded "How Long", as a solo artist, which became a UK Top 40 hit again in 1996.

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A Split Second - From The Inside - Vinyl album on Wax Trax Records 1988

A Split-Second was an electronic music band from Belgium. The duo - Marc Ickx and Peter Bonne (under the artist name Chrismar Chayell) - were active from their debut in 1986 until they split up in 1991 and A Split-Second continued as an Ickx solo project.

After signing to Antler Records, A Split-Second made their debut in 1986 with the track Flesh. It was followed the next year by another single, Rigor Mortis, and the album Ballistic Statues.

In 1988 they were signed to American label Wax Trax! Records and released the albums A Split-Second and From The Inside in the U.S. The single Rigor Mortis made it to the top of the alternative dance charts (Rockpool magazine) and stayed there for weeks. The singles Mambo Witch and Colosseum Crash (featuring guest vocals by Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra) were also chart-topping hits. New members Fedjean Venvelt (guitars) and Peter Boone (keyboards) joined the band for their first US tour.

Their 1990 album Kiss of Fury featured the track The Parallax View which was also a successful single and saw the band moving towards more of a guitar-based sound. Nicolas Mansy (keyboards) joined the band for their second US tour.

In 1991 Ickx became involved in a side project, Wasteland, which soon became more important for him than A Split-Second, which split up with Ickx continuing it as a solo project. Another album, Vengeance, was released in 1995.

A Split-Second's debut single Flesh is credited with starting the New Beat genre when DJ Marc Grouls played the 45 rpm single at 33 rpm in the nightclub Boccaccio in Ghent.

In 2002, Perfecto Records released a progressive trance remix of Flesh, produced by Paul Oakenfold.

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